Senior Care, Urban Professional, Family Housing

We see and design for a range of living styles, ages, locations in our work. From urban apartments with sustainability leases and rooftop putting greens, to Affordable Housing master plans, we offer permitting and design assistance as well as unique design background.


Avita of Newburyport

Working with the team assembled for the Northbridge Companies, UBLA designed the Newburyport spaces to maintain and enhance the site's meadow plant community, integrate its seaside community and stormwater management system, and create distinct courtyards for each of the residential "neighborhoods". 

This site was recently used as the set for the film “The Last Poker Game!"


Project Details

  • Client: The Northbridge Companies
  • Project Architect: EGA. P.C.
  • Contractor: Erland Construction
  • PHOTOS: Larry Sherrell, Matthew Ulrich


135 Lafayette

The St. Joseph’s Church in Salem, MA had been shuttered since August of 2004, but has since become a vibrant, mixed-use, affordable housing and retail development at the gateway to downtown Salem.  A key feature of the landscape design was the development of a central courtyard which provides opportunities for community interaction while respecting the history of St. Joseph’s Church by repurposing the original granite steps into granite walls and accents.


Project Details

  • Client: Planning Office of Urban Affairs
  • Project Architect: The Architectural Team
  • Contractor: Dellbrook


Allston Green District

With existing complexes renovated for energy efficiency and construction of three new buildings, the 7 buildings of the Allston Green District set a new standard for urban design. One of the largest private rental housing initiatives in Boston, it was designed to meet the standards of residents and small businesses committed to sustainable living. Incorporating vertical trellises, rooftop planters and recycled synthetic turf for rooftop “lawns,” each property features new street trees and planters along the foundations.  Primarily drought tolerant and native plant palettes eliminate the need for permanent irrigation. UBLA provided plant lists and calculations to illustrate the reduced water demand for LEED Certification. All buildings are LEED Certified.


Project Details

  • Client: Mount Vernon Company
  • Project Architect: Prellwitz Chilinski Architects, The Architectural Team
  • Contractor: Cranshaw Construction
  • Images: Warren Jagger, Jim Badershall, UBLA