Hospital, Playground, Wedding Pavilion 

 We serve all client types, working directly with the owner to develop cost-effective, low maintenance solutions to diverse challenges. 


Endicott College- Standish Hall

UBLA has worked on several projects for the beautiful seaside campus of Endicott College.  This new residence hall was completed in 2015 by Windover Construction.  Path layout and abundant native plantings complement the modern architecture of the building and visually link the various entries.


Project Details

  • Client: Windover Construction
  • ARCHITECT: Bergmeyer
  • PHOTOS: Matthew Ulrich


Endicott College- Frates Hall

UBLA has worked on several projects for the beautiful seaside campus of Endicott College; most recently designing the landscape and hardscape layout for the recently completed Peter Frates dormitory.  The front entry design includes sleek dark granite benches, which contrast with the lighter color scheme of the permeable plank style pavers.  A curvilinear paver terrace with granite benches and a low seat wall is centrally located to the new dormitory and existing adjacent residence halls.


Project Details

  • Client: Siemasko + Verbridge
  • Contractor: Windover Construction
  • PHOTOS: Matthew Ulrich


Ellis Square Project

Working with Beverly Main Streets and other local stakeholders, UBLA has developed a design that will breathe new life into downtown Cabot Street.  The new plaza will provide ample opportunities for outdoor concerts, public art, a new Vietnam Veteran’s memorial, and a place to just sit and relax. We are thrilled to announce that Ellis Square has secured funding from Beverly’s Community Preservation Act, and the balance of the construction costs have been privately raised by Beverly Main Streets.  Construction anticipated to begin in spring of 2016.


Project Details

  • Client: Beverly Main Streets

  • Project MANAGER : City of Beverly

  • Contractor: Empire Design & Construction

  • SERVICES PROVIDED: Landscape and lighting design, owner's representation during construction


Nupath Inc.

Nupath is a non profit organization whose mission is to help adults living with disabilities lead fulfilling lives in their communities. 

For phase I, UBLA provided a fresh new look for their home office. This phase focused on integrating a new serpentine paver walkway, lighting, and abundant plantings with a new front entry vestibule designed by PionArch's Lidia Szydlowska.



Project Details

  • Client: Nupath, Inc.
  • Project Architect: PionArch
  • Contractor: DeJoy Landscape Inc.
  • PHOTOS:  Matthew Ulrich


Shore Country Day School

UBLA collaborated with the Playground Task Force on the design of an engaging, innovative, safe playground focusing on nature play and creative play features built of sustainable materials. The team explored using natural and sustainable materials such as landform, wood, wood structures, and stone integrated with traditional play structures such as swings, slides, and basketball. The playground provides opportunities for climbing, digging, and free play while being sensitive to the need for shade, adult visibility, and budget.


Project Details

  • Client: Shore Country Day School
  • Project Architect: Olson Lewis + Architects
  • SERVICES PROVIDED: Landscape and lighting design, owner's representation during construction
  • PHOTOS: Jim Badershall, Matthew Ulrich


Wentworth Douglass Hospital

Initially contracted to design a labyrinth as a break out area for hospital staff, feedback from the hospital board expanded UBLA’s project scope to include 3 distinct areas for use by staff, visitors, and conference attendees. While all of the spaces share unifying design elements such as wall materials and furniture, each has a unique sense of place, with plantings and paving materials setting the tone. A variety of colors and the introduction of art and sculpture enlivens the central public space while the labyrinth is encompassed by more dense screening materials to screen outside views and sounds.


Project Details

  • Client: Wentworth Douglass Hospital
  • SERVICES PROVIDED: Landscape and lighting design, owner's representation during construction
  • PHOTOS: Matthew Ulrich

Outdoor Pavilion Space

Atkinson Country Club

UBLA was contracted by the Atkinson Country Club for the design of an outdoor pavilion space to be used for functions, and especially, weddings. An outdoor dining area adjacent to the indoor function hall is connected to the large, circular paver terrace by a graceful path system. This circular pergola and terrace is framed by lush plantings and offers stunning views to the fountain, pond, and golfcourse. This circular pergola and terrace is framed by lush plantings and offers stunning views to the golf course beyond.


Project Details

  • Client: Atkinson Country Club
  • SERVICES PROVIDED: Hardscape and planting design
  • PHOTOS: Atkinson Country Club, Matthew Ulrich


Seasons of Danvers

A former nursing facility that had been vacant for several years had fallen into a state of disrepair.  Working with JSA Architects, UBLA completely redesigned the outdoor space for this adaptive reuse project.  Now home to a cutting edge dementia care facility, the 'crown jewel' of the outdoor space is a large central landscaped courtyard. This space provides beautiful views from the interior, shaded structures, a walking loop and abundant plantings in a safe, enclosed environment.


Project Details

  • Client: Buildable Sites, LLC + Northbridge

  • Project Architect: JSA Architects, Inc.

  • Contractor: DeJoy Landscape Construction, Inc.

  • PHOTOS: JSA Architects, Matthew Ulrich